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Friday, November 10, 2006

Coming to an End in Bangkok

Having received Frances' citizenship and passport, we are all but ready to head home to Laos. These weeks here have been both tiring and enjoyable (perhaps more the former than the latter, though it is hard to tell). Whatever they have been, we do at least have something to show for it. She is a lovely thing, and easy to love.

We do long for the Wolery- our home in Laos, and for a return to the lives we have made there. Bangkok is a large city-- through and through. I suppose that each city has its own character, but I think it also true to say that, at the end of the day, a city is still a city, and we miss our forests and hills.

We have had several visitors in these last two weeks. Some are featured in our pictures here. The little girl is named Anna, the daughter of good friends of our here. The little boy lying beside Frances is Innes, the younger brother of Anna. The picture does not do him justice. At just eight months he (only slightly) outweighs Heidi...


Anonymous Studmuffin said...

How hard is it to outweigh Heidi, seriously now. I think our rooster outweighs her.


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