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Monday, May 14, 2007

Just Frances Sharon

Here is frances, frances, and more frances.

By looking at photos here you may be led to believe that the world (or at least our lives) only revolves around Frances. Well, Frances believes that, and she’s not entirely wrong. Actually there is a lot going on presently with the health project and agriculture project in Sangthong district Laos..and that explains why we have not had the moments to write to many of you or update this site. Again, we are unable to expound more on our lives—but we want to invite you to re-acquaint yourself with Frances….or some of the faces of Frances.

She’s just 7 months old now and has her first tooth, sits happily for long periods at a time, and has recently learned to stick out her tongue and blow 'raspberries'...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

the top three pics don't enlarge?


Anonymous Erica Gores said...

Hey, Heidi and Micah. Ben and I weren't sure how to get a hold of you, because I seem to have lost your email address. We have been searching and praying for what God would have us to do to minister to and serve others more, which includes our finances. We would like to support you guys in whatever way you need. I am not sure if you have to raise support or if there are specific resources that we could help with. Please let us know your needs. We will also keep up with the blog and continue to pray for your family and your ministry. We love the focus you have on meeting others' material and spiritual needs to really be Christ in other people's lives. You can contact us through my email at:


Ben and Erica

PS Fraces is VERY cute.
PPS I am pregnant. Due December 11th.

Anonymous studmuffin said...

Huh....wonder where she got that hair?


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